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Name:Blair of Charis
Birthdate:Mar 15
Website:Kink List
Height: 5’7"
Age: 18


Somewhat short, slender, and decidedly androgynous appearance. He has full lips and blond hair with a dark eye to contrast his light hair and gently freckled skin. He was kidnapped and held for ransom as an adolescent and subsequently had his testicles surgically removed, leaving him little in the way of typical male development. He has grown little to no body hair and has retained narrow, almost childlike shoulders and hips as a result. His sex drive is comparatively low to others in his House and even his peers, he has learned to please others as a sort of professional escort in both the physical manner and through entertainment and conversation.

Much of his work sees him dressing in layers of silk, jewels, and makeup to suit his suitor’s desires. Blair has made a profession of making people fall in love with him and uses his talents to serve not only himself, but his House as well. He finds little enjoyment in divulging in himself, but about learning about his clients and those who court him, and often finds himself in his lonely hours counting that weeks’ marriage proposals and laughing at his suitors for fun.

In the realm of combat, Blair has only skills in self-defense, as one must in his line of work. He rarely seeks out combat himself, relegating that task to the more brutish members of his House or the Inquisitors to intimidate or crush any competition he might have in his particular line of work. Though sexual satisfaction does not typically suit him, he relishes in the feelings that it brings others and feeds from their desire and happiness. His unique position as a eunuch allows him to serve a wide variety of male clients and make absolute certain that any female clients he has might be completely satisfied with his company. He gets little satisfaction from the physicality of his encounters and derives most of his pleasure from how happy he can make his clients. In order to be satisfied, Blair must do whatever it takes to please his clients, eroding the lines between what others might find immoral and what keeps people happy. Barring physical harm, he will happily take part in many fantasies cross the sick minds of his clients, his most popular being playing young boys or girls, for which he is happy to provide costumes and garments for. There is little that he will draw the line at, including a number of degrading acts.

Blair is extremely vain, however, prizing his hair and soft skin above all else. There is a small section of his upper back that he will, within reason, allow his clients to mark if they choose to (though this typically constitutes an exorbitant extra fee) since this is the area least likely to be seen by him. It is marked with faint scars as though from vicious cats, some jagged from nails and others clean and straight as though with tools. He will not disclose the nature of these markings, as they belong to former clients and are none of your business unless you are a repeat client, in which case you can happily claim your own. The others are off-limits His castration scars are of particular note to him. He is aware of how they must look, and is quite self-conscious of them, but loves them being worshiped with his ass, particularly in tandem.
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